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education: outreach programs
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DanceREACH Programs
The arts-in-education component of RIOULT

Lecture/Demonstration & Performance
Appropriate for elementary, middle and high school students

The one hour lecture/demonstration and performance offers a "behind the scenes" look at modern dance choreography. The program is narrated as the dancers illustrate how Pascal Rioult creates a dance piece, uses music, and transforms an idea into the magnificent choreography seen on stage. Audience participation offers students an opportunity to learn a sequence of movements that they will see in the performance. Following the presentation of a full dance piece, the audience is invited to participate in a question and answer session with the artists. Study guide materials provided in advance support teachers in preparing their students for the performance.

Movement Workshop
Appropriate for elementary, middle and high school students

Highly qualified RIOULT Teaching Artists lead age-appropriate creative dance workshops (45 minutes to one 1 hour in duration) that engage the imagination and encourage using the body as a means of expressing creativity. Workshops stimulate creative problem solving and cognitive skills, and enhance communication and discipline.

Classroom Residency
Appropriate for elementary, middle and high school students

A classroom residency is a comprehensive creative dance experience that includes a lecture/demonstration and movement workshops. Highly qualified RIOULT Teaching Artists lead a series of 8 to 15 classes developed with the school and classroom teacher to integrate an area of the curriculum. Students create movement phrases that are cooperatively crafted into an original dance piece. The residency concludes with a performance by the students for their peers, parents, teachers and community guests.

To bring a DanceREACH program to your school, contact our Education Director.

Generous Support for DanceREACH provided by Lehman Brothers.