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education: repertory
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Educational Repertory

BOLERO (Elementary - High School)

Bolero is a bold and unexpected interpretation of Maurice Ravel's famous musical score. Its perpetual motion and ever-changing patterns build to its ingenious and inescapable climax. The unrelenting crescendo of energy creates a riveting tour de force that speaks to the essence of the music.
"Like a cubist painter, Mr. Rioult analyzes and synthesizes the building blocks of a work of art to reinvent his basic material."
—The New York Times

FIREBIRD (Elementary - High School)

Of Firebird Mr. Rioult reflects that, "In Russian folktale as in Navajo legend the gift of the feather from the Golden bird brings power to man to overcome evil and be reborn. This universal Phoenix theme is the basis of the piece." From an underworld of lost souls appears a child whose innocence and sense of magic sparks the consciousness of all, rekindling human feelings of love and life.

HOME FRONT (Middle and High School)

A beautifully evocative piece depicting the feelings and memories of women who are on the home front, while their loved ones are at war. Their hopes, fears, fantasies of distant battles and happy homecomings are danced to Maurice Ravel's beautiful and renowned work, "Le Tombeau de Couperin." In an eerie coincidence, Pascal discovered, after choreographing the dance, that Ravel had dedicated this score to his fallen comrades in World War I.

LA VIE EN ROSE (Middle and High School)

The enchanting and evocative cabaret songs of Edith Piaf set the mood for La Vie en Rose, a suite of expressive vignettes offering a glimpse into the every day lives and relationships of the characters onstage. In each brief and personal tableau, the dance evokes feelings of love, ambition, lost love and vulnerability.