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Views of the Fleeting World
Views of the Fleeting World (2008)

Length: 25 minutes
Music: J.S. Bach
Lighting: David Finley
Costumes: Karen Young
Projections: Harry Feiner

The dance is a meditative piece in which Pascal integrates the musical form of the fugue (fugere: to flee, to run away from), the scenic design (slowly moving projections on the backdrop), fugal and contrapuntal choreographic elements, to make a complete theatrical concept.

The woodcut prints of the Japanese master Hiroshige, (a series that was titled Views of the Fleeting World) influenced the costumes, color palette and content. The work brings together works from different eras and hemispheres, and Pascal’s own forward-looking vision to explore their common truths.

The dance is composed of nine short sections:
Orchard, Gathering Storm, Wild Horses, Dusk, Rain, Night Ride, Summer Wind, Moonlight, and Flowing River.

Commissioned by the Harriet and Gordon Greenfield Foundation